Giorgetti, a leader in the designer furniture industry, launches a new, worldwide press campaign for 2016 that lies between design, architecture and graphics. With a play on conceptual cross-references, the advertising imagery presents a refined, thoroughly contemporary domestic context in which the brand’s collection offers a complete interior design range in dialogue with the space around it.
In an architecturally impactful location, a richly detailed scene unfolds. Modern and historic artistic elements meet, revealing the company’s passion and quest for excellence and uniqueness, one of its hallmarks. Investigating opposites is an expression of Giorgetti’s style and its capacity to create products that, eschewing formal banality, offer exclusive, versatile solutions. In doing so, the brand presents a fresh aesthetic that reveals a pure approach to the project. Expressive technique, interpreted through the blue tone of the setting, is a reference to a pop-contemporary language which also highlights the individual furniture pieces in natural colours by a play of visual contrasts.
The question “How different would you be?” is a creative culmination, intended “to emphasise the flexibility in interpreting one’s unique, personal space, which Giorgetti had in mind for its clients while developing the new collection”, as stated by Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti.
The stars of this press campaign are the Aton sofa and table, in the foreground, which interplay with the Hug armchair and the Dia cabinet. In the background is the iconic Progetti armchair which reappears in all the advertising images to underscore how, throughout the design process, Giorgetti never renounces the traditions and manufacturing know-how that have made the brand famous the world over.

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