After the launch in 2016 of the new worldwide press campaign presented as a series of images, for 2017 Giorgetti reveals the second image, consistent with the brand identity and creativity of the first release.
In contrast to the previous campaign, which featured extremely modern architecture with decorative elements inspired by earlier trends, in this edition the tables have been turned: in a refined play on stylistic and conceptual contrasts, the new image shows an architectural setting from the 1930s in which the contemporary character of Giorgetti's collections and accessories come to life, offering a complete, varied interior design solution that can be adapted to different contexts while designing the space around the product.
Exploring the use of contrasts is a reflection of the style of the company and its talent for creating unique products that offer exclusive, versatile and aesthetically innovative solutions, which reject formal banality and demonstrate a pure approach to beauty and living.
In a historically and artistically important location, the Padiglione Reale in Milan's central railway station, a scenographic vision of interior design is portrayed in which elements of modern art complement the monumental scale of the building, and where the culture of design, promoted by Giorgetti for over a century, awakens the values of tradition and the Italian cultural heritage.
As with the previous image, the artistic technique expressed through the colours applied to the imagery, was chosen as a reference to contemporary pop language. The visual contrast also enables the individual pieces of furniture in natural colours to stand out.
The main features of this press campaign are some designs by Carlo Colombo, including the Drive sofa and the Swing chairs. In the background, there is the iconic Progetti armchair, which reappears in all the advertising images to underscore how, throughout the design process, Giorgetti never renounces the traditions and its manufacturing know-how.

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