Giorgetti Ateliers

The same care Giorgetti takes in the production of its furniture is offered to its clients in the Giorgetti Atelier, a conceptual space where the classic showroom has been replaced with a reproduction of an elegant home environment, furnished with Giorgetti pieces. In this way the company depicts a piece of real life, where all the design elements come together. The Giorgetti Atelier, besides representing a sensorial experience, inviting the public into Giorgetti’s world on a privileged stage, an intimate and domestic one, is a place where the company can design interiors which are in line with contemporary life styles. The first Giorgetti Atelier was opened in 2011 in Milan in a 500 square metre apartment in a building in via Serbelloni. Giorgetti Ateliers were then opened in Mumbai, Cologne, Antwerp, Singapore, Saint Petersburg, Kiev and Jakarta.